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Audio Lectures:

Please ensure that your computer is equipped with speakers and the necessary software to play .mp3 audio files.

By clicking on the lecture title you will be redirected to .mp3 files that have been enhanced with .m3u "streaming audio" extensions. m3u instructs your media player to "buffer" a certain amount of the audio and then begin playing it once the buffer limit is reached. (It may be necessary for your media player to pause occasionally during playback to rebuffer the audio feed. The lecture may be interrupted for several seconds while this occurs.)

You can also opt to access the .mp3 file directly by clicking on .mp3 direct which bypasses the streaming audio extension and allows you to download the file to your computer. You may find that one method works better than the other.

Please contact the webmaster with any questions or comments.

Lecture Index

"Who am I?" - mp3 format, 6.2MB
Public lecture, 11-Jun-1970, Allied, S.Africa   
[mp3 direct]    

"Courage not love" - mp3 format, 5.9MB
Public lecture, 26-Jun-1970, International   
[mp3 direct]    

"Just for today..." - mp3 format, 6.1MB
Public lecture, 07-Mar-1968, Allied, S.Africa   
[mp3 direct]       

"Rise Superior in Spirit..." - mp3 format, 4.5MB     
Public lecture, 10-Dec-1969, Rosebank, S.Africa   
[mp3 direct]           


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