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From the teachings of The School of Truth:

(Doing Our Part)

1. I allow a period each day for meditation and communion with God.

2. I try to live every moment of the day with an uplifted consciousness, realising that my own positive prayers (thoughts and feelings) have all power in my life.

3. My progress in Truth is reflected in my thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

4. I do not waste the substance of my thought and energy on fears for the future, but live each day fully in the realisation of my true being in Spirit and Truth.

5. When I am faced with a health problem, I turn first to God, KNOWING that He is the Source of all perfect health.

6. I stand porter at the door of thought and feeling so that negative ideas do not enter my consciousness. I do not repeat idle gossip and negative reports which I may hear of others.

7. When an unexpected blessing or some good comes to me, I turn first to God and give thanks to Him as the Source of ALL Good.

8. If people appear to misunderstand, misjudge or mistreat me, I readily forgive them, beholding Love (God) in each individual concerned.

9. Instead of looking to my employer, my debtors or other human sources, I look directly to Truth in me for my Supply.

10. In taking practical steps to work out my problem, I feel I have done my share and therefore I am justified in confidently expecting God to supply my need.

11. I do not indulge in open or mental criticism of a destructive nature regarding my fellow men.

12. I put first things first and refuse to let minor irritations and problems usurp my time and energy.

13. I make every effort to see that my conversation reflects a loving, tolerant, understanding and gracious attitude.

14. I exercise wise judgment in spending and using money and other resources at my command; knowing that I am thus opening the way for more and greater good in my life.

15. I place myself, my loved ones, and my affairs in God's care, and I DO NOT DICTATE TO Him the manner in which the blessings desired should manifest.

16. When I fall short in my understanding of Truth and make mistakes, I do not waste time in self-condemnation and worry, but accept the experience as indicating an opportunity for greater growth.

17. I make it a habit to speak words of cheer and silently pray for a friend or loved one who is facing a serious problem. I do not sympathise NEGATIVELY.

18. I KNOW that as an expression of God I have unlimited ability, power and wisdom at my command.

19. I have no right to be justifiably angry about anything. I must follow the admonition--"What is that to thee? Follow thou ME."

20. I let go of all outgrown ideas, attitudes of mind, and conditions that may be hindrances to my progress.

21. I am convinced God not only can, but does bless me through many channels other than my regular income.

22. In all my human associations, I conscientiously conduct myself in the realisation that, as a Truth student, I should do all in my power to add to the happiness and well-being of another.

23. I rejoice in the triumphs, successes and blessings of others. I do not feel envious or inferior, nor am I given to feeling superior to others.

24. I remain true and consistent to Truth ideals under all circumstances.

25. I avoid trying to impose Truth ideas and principles upon others, and I do my utmost to make my own life an example of the value of practising Truth teachings.

The School of Truth

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