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The School of Truth was founded in 1937 by Nicol Campbell and has the same standing as other churches in South Africa. The School's teachings are found in the Old and New Testaments but may also be found in the scriptures of other religions as well as in the inspirational writings of countless people throughout history.

The School bases its teaching on the Truth that all understanding people, regardless of religious background, are able to prove for themselves the limitless presence, power, wisdom and Love of God, this being the very purpose of life. The entire universe, including humanity, is the expression of God. As such, it does not and cannot exist separately from Him and His attributes. This Truth is put with great simplicity in the words "I am in the Father and the Father in me. I and the Father are one."

This "Oneness" of everything raises the rational question--- if God (Love) and His expression are inseparable, what is the root source of the many things that seem to go wrong in life? The answer given by Truth, incredible as it may seem in this materialistic age, is that they are appearances resulting from our negative faith and actions. They disappear as we remove from them the power of our faith in negation, making way for God's infinite and natural health, joy, peace and prosperity. Again with great simplicity, it is put thus: "Your eye (the way you see life) is the light of the body. If your eye is sound, your whole body (life) will be full of light. If your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness."

This soundness of eye is our faith in the abundance of God always to fulfil our every need, and our willingness to give freely of ourselves and freely to forgive others. Faith is like knowledge--- when a person "knows" something they are prepared to act upon it without hesitation. The School helps people to a knowledge of their oneness with God and thereby to demonstrate His goodness and to help others by this example.

The Presence of God was supremely manifest in the man wearing sandals and coat without seam, whom his disciples called "Master" and whom history knows as Jesus of Nazareth. So profound is the Master's example that many use the name Jesus-Christ for God's presence In humanity. Yet the Presence in the Master is available without limitation in all people--- as they open their hearts and minds to It.

This is a very brief introduction to The School of Truth. Membership is free of charge--- the School operates entirely on voluntary offerings. Members receive a bi-monthly magazine entitled "The Path of Truth" and, together with non-members, may attend lectures at centres listed in the magazine. The magazine contains information of other services, addresses and telephone numbers.

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The School of Truth

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