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The School of Truth
"Presenting the teachings of Nicol C. Campbell"

P.O. Box 62549
Marshalltown, 2107
Rep. of South Africa

"Some have greater burdens to bear than others, bigger difficulties to face, but the Truth will set you free - all of you, there can be no exceptions. There is no human being in all the world that can make you think differently from the way in which you want to think, there is none that can make you feel as you do not want to feel, and it is your attitude of mind that is of paramount importance.

"Everything rests with you. If you have the consciousness of God, no matter what may appear to be, there is always a super-abundance of the particular good you need in you, flowing through you, and if you have faith that this is so, it must manifest.

"So, as you ponder upon these things, take unto yourselves these few, simple words, indelibly imprinted on your hearts: 'I have to think, to live, to act in tune with the thing that I desire. I have to trust, to the best of my ability, the spiritual Power within me and It will, without any doubt, bring my all-good to pass for me.'"

- Nicol C. Campbell

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New phone numbers effective 3/2009:

Johannesburg HQ  +27 (011) 434-2053
Fax  +27 (011) 434-2050

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